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About us is the registered trading name of Technology (UK) Ltd and has been trading since 1999. We contact hundreds of dealers every week to track down the best deals so you don't have to. New cars - since COVID dealers have been unable to offer much in the way of new car discount or even the cars at all, hence why many of our competitors now offer used cars and valuations. As a result, Motormouse is now listing used cars commission free to our dealer network. We can help anyone find a new or used car for free if you wish. Our long-term strategy is advertising on the website from third parties. If you're a supplier of goods and services to the motor industry, then please contact us for future consideration when we 'upgrade'.

As from 2022 is relaunching and offering all UK dealers FREE used car advertising. We have a method to upload used vehicle data direct to our server so save human effort, time and money - hence why FREE.

Our plan is to build the UK's largest free database of used cars for sale to enhance our SEO and massive selection to customers.

WHO THE PEOPLE ARE has two directors, Keith and Michelle Hood. Set-up in 1999 by Keith as a result of 15 years working in the Motor Industry as Group Accountant. With the knowledge of dealer systems, and manufacturers targets, Keith decided to use his knowledge to benefit both customer and dealer. "We believe in being honest and upfront with menu driven pricing for on the road cars for our customers. This is the best way to keep customers happy and coming back time and time again". "People trust us because we care. We don't hassle customers and our prices are very competitive. All cars are supplied by UK dealers direct to the customer - we have no involvement with the contract, we just ensure the customer gets the best possible deal from the dealer".

In months to come we will relaunch our website. There are several thousand used car buyers listed and we would act on your behalf to get the best bid for your used car. We do vet every dealer and trade person we deal with so you can have confidence with us. As you would expect from accountants, we also run credit checks on companies we deal with.

If you're a dealer wishing to join our expanding dealer network, then please contact Keith or Michelle via theAccountant.UK.