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Buying a family car 2022

By Josh Askew

One minute you are cool, the next you are driving a people carrier. Never mind. It is too late to think about that now. 

Instead it is time to focus on buying the right family car. From the daily school run to long, luggage-laden journeys, there is a lot to consider. However, with this guide by Motormouse, you can choose a good family car and perhaps even bag yourself something cool. Maybe…

Work out a budget

You are now a parent. Money is tight. Figure out how much you want – and can – afford to spend on a vehicle, while keeping in mind insurance, road tax and maintenance costs. Fuel and repairs are also important to bare in mind.  

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Think about your needs 

Another key step is to think about what you need the car for. Will you use it for the school run only? Are you planning on getting a pet? What about going on foreign adventures? How you answer these questions will have a huge impact on what car you need. Think about them.


Your family’s safety is of the utmost importance, so make sure your car can look after its precious cargo. Fortunately, safety technology has come on leap and bounds in recent years. Back-up cameras, parking sensors, blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control, a lot of it now comes as standard. 

Yet this isnt always the case. Be sure to check the cars safety systems. 


Here’s where we get into the nitty–gritty. As any parent knows, space is vital. Prams, car seats, extra luggage, shopping bags – suddenly what you need to carry with yourself every day becomes bigger and bulkier. Stop and think about what you will need to fit in the car. 

Motormouse recommends 300 litres of boot space, as a general rule of thumb. 


The size of your family decides the size of your car. Simple. For families of three, seating isn’t so much of a problem. But as your family grows you may need to look into something bigger. 

There are a range of five and seven seaters out there that will do the job. That is if you are brave (or foolish) enough to have that many kids. 

Don’t forget about child seat compatibility. Check for ISOFIX fixing points for kid’s booster seats. Depending on how old they are, your kids might need to use them for a good few years. Choose carefully. 

Do you research

Most of all, do your research! Read as much as you can, ask your friends who have had children and don’t rush into any purchasing decisions. 

Let Motormouse know about your needs. We are here to help